Living and working in the historic center of Genoa made us understand

how important it was

to preserve and disseminate those aspects of culture and art of the town

sometimes forgotten by the Genoese themselves.

We created a series of objects inspired by our tradition

that may be interesting for those who live in this city

and for those who visit it.

Emblems and Portraits of the Town

Emblem of Genoa in relief and painted on maiolica in various sizes. The small one has a magnet on the back

Three pictures of Genoa painted on maiolica tiles

Porta Soprana in bas relief and plate with Latin inscription


Saint George

A Saint much venerated in Genoa

  Two images of Saint George in bas-relief and two painted on maiolica tiles in different sizes

Emblems of the districts and of the noble families



The emblem of one of the 8 medieval districts and the coats-of-arms of the noble families. In different sizes upon request.


Genoese Palaces: the “ Rolli”


Some palaces from Strada Nuova as cutouts in black and white (6 items)
Pictures of palaces are available also on square tiles in dark red / cream color background in various sizes (22 items)
From the original drawings by P.P.Rubens (17th Century)


History of the Republic


Genoese strongholds in medieval times (12 items) from the drawings of the Caffaro Annals (circa 1150 ). Emblem of Bonifacio (year 1620) and view of the city, Genoese colony in Corsica, from a watercolor by F.M. Accinelli (18th century.)

Bell Towers

The architectural models of Sant'Agostino (h. cm 43) and San Donato (h. cm 31).

Genoese from the past

terracotta bas-reliefs copies of sculpted heads from 15th century stone doorposts.
Costumes and crafts of Genoa at the beginning of 19th Century on rough maiolica plates from the original paints of the Genoese painter A.Pittaluga(1826)

19th Century Windrose used in Camogli, available in different sizes.
5 Camogli brigs and 5 leudi, the typical Ligurian boats, painted on maiolica in blue color.

Genoese windrose and the Four Winds from ancient nautical charts, available in different sizes, also with magnets.


Maiolica plates with details from traditional fabrics (called Mezzeri) printed in Genoa since 18th Century. Upon request also on tiles.

Genoese Tiles

Replicas of the tiles that adorned the facade and the belltower of the Church of Sant'Agostino (22 items)
Replicas of the relief tiles “cuenca” adorning the interiors of the 16th C. Genoese palaces.
Border from Pinelli palace

  Border from a floor mosaic used as a table top.
The traditional "spider" motif in two shapes and four colors.
  All models are originals manufactured in our workshop using traditional techniques, For sizes, prices and any other information come to visit us or email at  
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