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In Genoa's historical center since 1981, Poterie is a workshop specialized in designing and producing art tiles on demand

collaborating with architects and designers to realize their ideas

Since 2009,Poterie is certified with the Eco-regional label

Artigiani in Liguria


established in 1981 by the brothers

Marcella Diotto and Valerio Diotto

ceramists experts in architecture and art history




We produce tiles with exclusive designs, that can be used in composition with industrial tiles, having standard sizes and characteristics.

Our tiles, hand-glazed and hand-painted are fired at 960° Celsius (1760 degrees Farenheit) and are suitable for wall coverings.


International taste and versatile talent allow us to paint in any style of decoration with different techniques.

Often we produce models for a single customer

From a picture of a decorative or architectural detail we can create a new motif

from the pattern of a mosaic floor early 20th Century

The tile created by us

paint a tile panel from a picture

invent a wall panel of any theme, from a drawing or a picture

mosaic panels of contemporary taste, unique pieces of irregular shapes, to be inserted in industrial tiling


In our catalog we present a series of traditional motifs and designs ready to use.


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